Terms of Trade

Below is a a list of our standard terms as listed on our quote templates:

1.        Payment in full is due on or before the 20th of the month in which the goods are delivered.

2.        No retentions to be held
3.        “Pay when paid” or “Pay if paid” clauses are not acceptable.
4.        No allowance for tie wire, chairs, spacers, rod pods, distribution steel,  lifting eyes, bars welded to structural steel sections, threading nuts, bolts, washers, drilling, grouting, inserts, couplers, welding, densotape or the like.
5.        No allowance for lifting facilities on site.
6.        No allowance for Siteworks, Piles or Precast unless specially stated.
7.        No allowance for engineers’ inspections, tests or costs associated with the Building Act.
8.        If revised drawings and/or site variations result in additional steel being required, it will be deemed as a variation and will adjust the contract price accordingly.
9.        Reinforcing steel is a significant hazard. To minimise this hazard, please adhere to clause10, item 2 of the Health and Safety in Employment Act.
10.     Insufficient detail/dimensions will be the responsibility of the Main Contractor to clarify prior to supply.
11.     Minimum of 5 working days notice required for delivery to site.
12.     Contra charges will not be recognised unless mutually agreed
13.     This quotation is based on reinforcing steel bars of Grade 300, Grade 300E and Grade 500E only. We will not be responsible for any costs associated with design or steel grade change.
14.     This quotation is valid for 30 days from the date provided at the top of this form.
15.     This quotation is based on the current price and availability from Pacific Steel, NZ. Any variation would be to the buyers account.
16.     Contract Works Insurance is not allowed for in this quotation.

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We offer our customers:  
- Accurate pricing and highly experienced advice.  
- Ability to either mass produce products and/or create bespoke products as and
   when required.  
- End to end management of your order and delivery process ensuring you the
   customer get what you ordered when you wanted it.
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